What’s New at Arena Alta

There's a lot happening at Arena Alta this January that we are excited to share with you! The development has new hiking trails, kayak tours and horseback rides, plus a new equestrian center.

New houses are being built, along with a new boat launch and docking area


As you drive in to Arena Alta, you'll first notice the beautiful new solid wood gates at the entrance, as pictured at the beginning of this post.  

The development is surrounded by the sounds of waves breaking in the distance, birds and animals all around, and the afternoon breeze making its way through the palms.  

If you keep walking through the entrance, you'll then see the giant fig tree. Rumor has it that right next to this tree is an almond tree where a sloth has lived for the past two years.

The Arena Alta Equestrian Center Area

To the left of this tree lies the grounds for the new equestrian center. A round pen has already been constructed and a tack room/club house/feed room is in the works.

Currently there are four horses on the property, three of which are available for riding tours.  

The horses happily graze in a field across the street from Arena Alta, but will soon make their way over to pastures located next to the round pen and future tack house.

Horseback riding tours are available daily.  Please contact us for pricing and a schedule.

As you continue down the road, you go across the bridge onto the main part of Arena Alta.  Keep an eye out for the famous "Jesus Christ Lizards", winning that name for their ability to literally walk on water.

Roads Completed and a New Dock

The roads have been completed as well, with gravel going down soon.  Towards the end of the road after the bridge, you will come to a fork.  If you take a left, you'll quickly see construction on the new Arena Alta dock.  

The high tides bring in an impressive 6 feet or more of water.  A deck will be built around the edge, with benches and cleats to tie your boat to.

Lots Under Construction

Several lots have been purchased and construction has begun at Arena Alta.  Our on-site architect Victor will work one on one with you to create the home of your dreams.

The home pictured below is a 600 square foot home, built on concrete blocks with a metal frame, planned out as an open concept home.

New Trails & Tours Available

New trails have been cleared for residents of Arena Alta, and hiking tours with a knowledgable guide are available for tourists. Your guide will help point out various birds, plants, animals and other wildlife as you walk through the jungle.

Kayak tours are also available through the rivers that wind along Arena Alta and out into the mangroves of the Sabalo River.  

Please contact us to schedule a hiking or kayak tour.

We hope you are as excited as we are for the new changes at Arena Alta this year!  

Please contact us with any questions about tours, properties or anything else we can help with!

Arena Alta

To arrange a tour/activity, or to inquire about properties, please email mail@arenaalta.com, or call/message us on Whats App +506-8896-1661.

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