Frequently Asked Questions

You can always contact us for any questions you may have regarding buying a lot in Playa Zancudo at Arena Alta or building your beach house design. These are some of the frequent questions we get from our customers:

What size are the lots and what is the cost of the lots?

All 36 lots are 30 meters wide (105 feet). This is the typical lot size in Playa Zancudo. The lots vary in depth but are on average 170 meters to 300 meters. The buildable areas vary in size as well. All lots have river access and vary in depth. The deepest access is on the north side.  

All lots are minimum 1.2 acres (5000 square meters). Prices start at $49,000.

Is there a payment plan?

You can buy your lot with a 20% down payment, at a 3% yearly interest with $2000 monthly payments. The title will be released after the final payment.

Will I legally own the land?

At Arena Alta Wildlife Village & Reserve you are buying titled land in your name. You buy the land, and you own it.

If a plot is purchased what is in place to protect the boundary from being encroached on?

Our land is fully titled. When a lot is purchased it is registered under your name with the local municipality and the national registry.  You can set alerts with the national registry on any title activity on your lot. We have 1 meter setbacks on each lot border. 

Can I get insurance?

Yes you will be able to get insurance because your property has full title. Stewart Title is an insurance company we use often here in Costa Rica.

Is there electricity and water?

Yes, the infrastructure for electricity and water is being built right now. Electricity and water are billed monthly by the respective utility company.

At Arena Alta Wildlife Village our maintenance department offers professional property management services for a 10% management fee.

Does the site give access to the basic facilities (electric, water, internet) are these included within the construction price?

$2500.00 is our standard fee to bring water, electricity and internet in to each property.  It is not included with the bid prices. The meters will be in your name. You can also choose to have a well dug onsite. We have potable water year round. 

Is there security?

Arena Alta Wildlife Village & Reserve is professionally staffed with two full time security guards.

What are the monthly costs for upkeep and security, etc?

Maintenance fees are $150/month. This includes 24-hour security as well as lot maintenance once a month (raking, mowing etc, common area maintenance, etc.

What is the average cost to build a two and three bedroom villa?

An average 2 bedroom house is about $90,000 build, turn key, less appliances and furniture. Construction is American standard. 

What is the timber / species that will be used with the construction, is this treated?

We recommend galvanized metal framing and concrete where applicable. Wood should be used for doors, trim, furniture, built-ins, floors, ceilings, etc to give a nice look. 

If you would like to build out of wood we would treat it with Dragnet by Bayer. We have cedar, espavel, cachimbo, gmelina, and a few others locally.

What is the Septic situation / system in place?

Every home in Zancudo has private septic. We have very sandy soil that is great for properly designed systems. Plastic holding tanks, traps and leach fields work great.

Do you also manage rental vacations as well?

Yes. We receive 10% rental commission to act as property manager. 20% if the client is found through our network.

How do I get there?

The easiest way to get to Arena Alta Wildlife Village & Reserve is to fly into San Jose, and then take a Sansa flight to Golfito. From there you’ll take a 30 minute boat ride, or a 50 minute taxi ride to Zancudo. We at Arena Alta can arrange with your transportation in house.