Kayak Fishing for Monster Roosterfish

kayak fishing for roosterfish playa zancudo golfo dulce arena alta

Big schools of adult roosterfish had been feeding on the surface of the Golfo Dulce (sweet gulf) not far offshore Playa Zancudo, during January and February of 2019. 

For several mornings in a row the roosters would chase baitfish to the surface, creating giant white water explosions, topwater blitzes, and surface feeding frenzies like I had never before seen.

When I awoke on February 4th I immediately spotted a big school of roosters going nuts on the surface about a kilometer offshore.

15 Things To Do In Zancudo

Zancudo is certainly a far reaching destination, but once you're there, you'll understand quickly why people return year after year.

Zancudo is a "sleepier" town than other parts of Costa Rica, but Zancudo does have its own activities and social life.  With the town being so small (350 Ticos and 150 gringos) you'll quickly get to know many of the residents just by sitting at Sol Y Mar and having a beer one afternoon.  

But if you're wondering what else there is to do in Zancudo, then you won't be disappointed!  

Here are our top 15 activities...

What To Expect In Your First 24 Hours In Zancudo, Costa Rica

I will always remember December 1st, 2015.

The idea of spending a month away from my job, on a beach I had never seen before, with no idea what to expect was completely new to me, and a little scary at the same time.

The picture I had in mind of napping beneath the palm trees and feeling the warm salty breeze on my skin was intoxicating.

My now husband Ryan (we were dating at the time) had been dreaming for years about escaping the winter to somewhere warm.

Of course I had already accepted the truth that wherever we went, the area would not only have to be warm and beautiful, but it would also have to have good fishing!

Anyone reading this, who like me is married to an obsessed fisherman, will understand.